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In Bulgaria The Independent Bulgarian Information Portal   
Welcome to In Bulgaria – the truly impartial information portal for all things ‘Bulgaria’.

Our Bulgarian information pages and dedicated user forums cover everything from buying property in Bulgaria, travelling to and going on holiday, relocation and permanent living, as well as general community chit chat and much, much more!

We rely on our independent advertising subscribers for funding so please be sure to click on the links and services that interest you.

In Bulgaria is run by people just like you! We are not owned by a real estate company or developer or any other commercial enterprise and as such strive to be impartial within the bounds of the law.

About Bulgaria   
Here you will find factual information pages to help you learn what Bulgaria is like, know what to expect and understand how things work there.

From the basic general facts and statistics to more specific subjects such as internet providers and what can be found on a Bulgarian menu, these pages will build up over time to become an invaluable factual base working alongside our members’ own experiences placed in the forums.

New independent articles are always welcome so if you can contribute to this important resource please contact us.

The forums form the heart of the In Bulgaria website and are divided into heading and subheadings for easy use! This is the place where our members can discuss and debate all things ‘Bulgaria’, ask advice of one another and share experiences both good and bad.

The accumulative knowledge on the many and varied subjects is sure to develop and expand with the help of the In Bulgaria online community.

If you are a member you are part of this community so please help us to develop the forums in the way you’d like to see them – informative, friendly, fun and useful. Enjoy!

Classified Ads   
With the sizable expat community now residing in Bulgaria there is a growing need to be able to advertise unwanted goods for sale and find particular items that would help fulfil new lifestyles.

The In Bulgaria Classified Ads section provides the perfect marketplace to find a buyer, ask for an item wanted or advertise for a swap. Also suitable for trade adverts for goods and services available such as couriers, building services and kennels for your dog!

Go to our classifieds section to upload your offers or to see what bargains are available. Happy shopping!

NEW! Site members can advertise one private property for sale FREE with us!

Bulgaria is noted for its cheap property market and relaxed lifestyle, where the cost of a meal out is the same as the price of a pint in UK!
Village houses with large gardens, tumbled down wrecks yearning for a new build, land plots for development or agriculture, ski chalets for those winter sports lovers or seaside apartments to enjoy in the sun, you will find a good choice whether for holidays or for relocation.

Search through our database of offers from both our subscribed agents and private individuals to find the property that’s perfect for you, and let your dream of owning abroad begin here.

Join In Bulgaria   

Why YOU should become a member of In Bulgaria?
Guests are always welcome, however becoming a member of the In Bulgaria website and forum brings many benefits and is easy to do! Being a member allows you to:
• Advertise one private property for sale in our Property Platform, for free.
• Advertise items for sale, swap or wanted in our Classifieds area, for free and without limitation.
• Make posts in the forum, ask questions, answer others and become part of a friendly and informative community.
•View and participate in other areas of the site including special offers as and when offered.

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